Photos of some of the celebraties I know or have met

Lou Ferrigno with my Grandchildren Jaxon and Jordyn Michael Rooker from The Walking Dead Linda Blair from The Exercist
Lou Feirgno, Gary, Jaxon, and Jordyn 3.jpg (111552 bytes) Michael Rooker 3.jpg (151238 bytes) Linda Blair and Gary 3.jpg (120304 bytes)
The Hulk Mobile
Hulk Mobile 1.jpg (188838 bytes) Hulk Mobile 2.jpg (164578 bytes) Hulk Mobile 3.jpg (189346 bytes)

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr, American's Got Talent 2011 Winner

Landau Murphy Jr, 01.jpg (45191 bytes)  Landau Murphy Jr, 03.jpg (40791 bytes)  Landau Murphy Jr, 00.jpg (44300 bytes)

I was Batman (Adam West) and Robin's (Burt Ward) photographer October 23, 2011

Adam West-Batman 2011.jpg (42242 bytes)

Adam West - Batman 2011

Burt Ward-Robin 2011.jpg (49589 bytes)

Burt Ward - playing "ROBIN"

Burt Ward 2011.jpg (45952 bytes)

Burt Ward - Robin 2011

Batmobile 2011.jpg (50674 bytes) To the left me in the "BATMOBILE

To the right me in the "BACK TO THE FUTURE DELOREAN"

Back to the Future Delorean 2011.jpg (47499 bytes)
Gil Gerard-Buck Rogers 2011.jpg (43400 bytes) To the left me and Gil Gerard "BUCK ROGERS"

To the right Billy Dee Williams - Star Wars


Billie D Williams 2011.jpg (44576 bytes)

Estep's Wedding Photography, Videography, and DJ Services


John Michael & Trigero1.jpg (61952 bytes)




911.gif (24193 bytes)

911.gif (24193 bytes)

Dale Evans.jpg (45527 bytes)

Johnny Blankenship.jpg (49700 bytes)

John Amos.jpg (43538 bytes)

Johnny Blankenship

"Every Which Way But Loose"

"Callie & Son"

Dale Evans

John Amos

"The Roy Rogers Show"



"Good Times"


Angela Cartwright.jpg (42882 bytes)

Big Tom.jpg (46846 bytes)

Billy Mummy.jpg (48804 bytes)

Angela Cartwright

Big Tom Buchanan

Billy Mummy

"Lost In Space"




"Lost In Space"


John Provost.jpg (42293 bytes)

June Lockhart.jpg (44672 bytes)

Kathy Garver.jpg (45823 bytes)

John Provost

June Lockhart

Kathy Garver

"Timmy from Lassie"


"Lost In Space"


"Family Affair"


Lou Ferrigno.jpg (45573 bytes)

Ronnie Blair.jpg (41781 bytes)

Virginia Hey.jpg (43691 bytes)

Lou Ferrigo

Ronnie Blair

Virginia Hey

"The Hulk"


"Rain Maker"


"Road Warriors"


cindy.jpg (59577 bytes)

David Carradine.jpg (44592 bytes)

claire.jpg (68744 bytes)

Cindy Morgan

David Carradine



"Kung Fu"

"Buffy, Vampire Slayer"


Larry Thomas.jpg (63449 bytes)

rz.jpg (64613 bytes)

nn3.jpg (54551 bytes)

Larry Thomas

Robert Z'Dar

Noel Neill

"Soup Nazi"

"Maniac Cop"

"The Orignal Lois Lane




mg.jpg (63800 bytes)

kh.jpg (69465 bytes)

louf.jpg (48528 bytes)

Mark Goddard

Kane Hodder

Lou Ferrigo

"Major West from Lost In Space"

"Jason from Friday 13th"

"The Hulk"




nn2.jpg (65024 bytes)

mg0.jpg (71559 bytes)

Noel Neill, Lois Lane

Mark Goddard, Major West from "Lost in Space"




Margot Kidder 01.jpg (51841 bytes)

Marc McClure 01.jpg (54779 bytes)

Kenny Miller 01.jpg (62368 bytes)

Margot Kidder "Lois Lane"

Marc McClure "Jimmy Olsen"

Kenny Miller "Teenage Werewolf"


Scott Schwartz 02.jpg (77074 bytes)

Scott Schwartz 01.jpg (60311 bytes)

I just love this Guy

Scott Schwartz "Biker Vamp"

Joyce De'Witt 1.jpg (74308 bytes)

Marcia Wallace 1.jpg (71635 bytes)

Richard Kline 1.jpg (79351 bytes)

Joyce De'Witt "Three's Company"

Marcia Wallace "Bob Newhart"

Richard Kline "Three's Company"

Joyce De'Witt 2.jpg (77022 bytes)

Marcia Wallace 2.jpg (74179 bytes)

Richard Kline 2.jpg (71528 bytes)


John Dugan.jpg (57744 bytes)

feedback.jpg (68558 bytes)

Doug Jones.jpg (81493 bytes)

John Dugan

Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

       Matthew Atherton

New Comic Book Character "Feedback"


Doug Jones

"Silver Surfer" and Hocus Pocus

Doug Jones & Silver Surfer.jpg (88481 bytes)

Super Noel Neill.jpg (90108 bytes)

Sarah Douglas.jpg (84191 bytes)


Doug Jones with

"Silver Surfer" Painting I did for him


Noel Neill, the orginal "Lois Lane" with painting I did for her

Sarah Douglas who played as "Ursa" in Superman 1 & 11 with a painting I did for her

Gary & Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.jpg (86548 bytes)

These are two of the orginal puppets from "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"


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